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GERMAN DEATH CARDS CD - memory of 8.373 german soldiers

9,95 EUR

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GERMAN DEATH CARDS CD with total 8.373 german soldiers from the 2nd World War


All images are high resolution scans and have been optimised  for a screen resolution of 1024x768 dpi.

- Over 120 of the death cards are extremely rare and have been marked "Top"

Amongst them are Holders of the Knights Cross with Oak Leaves, Sailors of Battle Ships, fighters of Stalingrad,
Pilots from the Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine Soldiers, KIA on D-Day in Normandy and during Battle of the Bulge
and many, many more...

- All Photos in Uniform
- All weapon units and many extremely rare decorations are represented
- The total value of all the images is over US$ 70.000.00

Four extra special folders include:

- 393 images from SS Elite soldiers (e.g. LSSAH - TK Div. etc.)
- 175 very rare images from soldiers of the 1st World War (e.g. Holder of the Pour le Merite)
- U-Boat (Submarine) crews consisting of 145 images and U-Boat number (e.g. UBoat Commander) 
- 160 images from Stalingrad Fighters

Parse Time: 2.200s